To the garden also belong fruits

To the garden also belong fruits

Now that autumn is just around the corner, it is time to consider planting a berry bush for one or two of the flowering shrubs. Especially for children, a garden becomes much more attractive and exciting when there is something to harvest. In the past, this was common practice in home and farm gardens.

Unfortunately, there is a tendency for gardens to become more and more ornamental. The increasing general alienation from nature, combined with a lack of plant knowledge, is the decisive factor here. Here i see an important task for the horticultural societies to counteract this tendency a little bit. Especially for young people it is urgently necessary that they are taught more simple and practical nature connections again. The special experience of harvesting fruits and vegetables from one’s own garden is hardly known among the younger generation.

A start would have been made by planting a fruity wood for an ornamental shrub. The latter also do not make more work than ornamental growths. It should be self-evident again that shrubs of currants, gooseberries, blackberries and raspberries are allowed to grow in the garden. Especially for children it is a special experience to be able to snack on delicious and extremely healthy fruits in the garden, which taste particularly good straight from the bush or tree.

It is best to plant early and late varieties of the various fruiting woods to harvest from june to the end of october. But also rare shrubs with extremely healthy fruits like goji and apple berries as well as small tree species like medlars and quinces should not be missing.


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