Too few bright spots

Too few bright spots

Rarely since their return to the district league five and a half years ago have the fubballers from giebelstadt been in such a bad position as they were in this round. The black-and-yellow team scored only 14 points in the first half of the season and, unsurprisingly, spent the winter in a relegation spot. Even head coach dominic dorsch had expected that things would be tight this season, but not that his team would present itself so weakly.

But this has reasons. The origins of this year’s negative trend can be found in the preseason. For a while – after twelve match days – the team from giebelstadt was even within striking distance of the top of the table before the collapse came. And the dorsch men have not really been able to stop this until today. Already in the preseason the zeka brothers tore their cruciate ligament. Luan kadrija dropped out, as did brian vincent. The players’ association was not able to compensate for any absences, not even in the summer. "We had hardly any newcomers and did not adequately replace the lack of quality". That’s why I was aware that we would be facing relegation," said the head of training, giving a realistic assessment of the situation even before the start of the season.

The situation was aggravated by the fact that, on the one hand, the league was made even stronger by the three teams promoted from sickershausen, butthard and estenfeld and the two teams relegated from the district league, schwarzach and kitzingen. On the other hand, the black and yellows have had bad luck with injuries. With their goalkeeper on duty, benjamin kemmer, philipp deppisch, ferdinand lunz or michael kutz, dorsch had to do without other top performers for large parts of the first half of the season. "Unfortunately, that was as good as it got. We were simply too thin and too weak," the head of training sums up with humiliation.

The season’s results so far also read accordingly. With 58 goals against, the giebelstadter have the most goals against in the league, which dorsch attributes primarily to the constant changes in personnel in goal and in defense. In addition, the black-and-yellow team suffered the most defeats of all teams (12), some of which were severe, such as against heidingsfeld (0:6), butthard (1:6), sickershausen (2:6) or sonderhofen (0:5). "Such results hurt a lot, especially for me as a native of giebelstadt, for whom it is a matter of the heart and a great pleasure to be allowed to train the first team here," admits the much-maligned coach honestly. The positive, on the other hand, is hardly noticed.

His proteges also provided a few bright spots, such as the successes against relegated bayern kitzingen and SC schwarzach. "We are quite competitive and can keep up, but unfortunately we don’t show our potential that is still there", says dorsch, who calls his team the "robin hood of the district league". The black and yellow team also managed a surprising but well-deserved draw against FC eibelstadt. In the bottom of the table, on the other hand, the spielvereinigung has only scored points against DJK wurzburg and SB versbach.

But that is exactly what is to change in the remaining games. Although a number of important players are still missing before the team is at its best, the hope is very high that the team will manage to stay in the league thanks to a number of returnees. In addition, omar cisse from randersacker, andrei vlad from kleinrinderfeld and the former uettinger julian eckert strengthened the squad. "The boys have put down a really good preparation and are willing to rub the rudder around", dorsch goes good things into the coming weeks. Because the giebelstadter were allowed four times in a row at home and receive after bayern kitzingen on sunday three direct opponents for the class preservation (TSV guntersleben, TSG estenfeld, TSV reichenberg). "We should get as many as nine points from these games," says the head coach, who expects a high-scoring game against the third-placed team in the table. Hopefully with the better end for the giebelstadter, in order to be able to blow to the catch-up chase.


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