Too few members: when associations disappear

Too few members: when associations disappear

In the meantime, they have probably just gotten used to it. For years, the steady decline in membership has hung like a sword of damocles over many associations in the kronach district. In kups it has now actually fallen: to the 30. June, the poultry breeding association dissolves – the remaining 29 members decided at their last meeting. "It doesn't make me sad, says elmar meubgeier, the long-serving secretary of the association, which was founded in 1924, and adds shortly afterwards: "although? A little bit."

Search for a successor in kups: no parsonage, no pastor

But the situation must also be viewed pragmatically. Everything has its time. And the one of the flugelzuchtverein is probably just over. "In the 30s to 50s, the animals were mainly kept as foodstuffs. When I was a child, there were geese and chickens everywhere," she said, the 64-year-old recalls. Something like this has not been seen in the county for a long time, he said.

Just as little as full rows of chairs at the monthly meetings. "In the last there were maybe four to five members. There it makes then sometime no more sense to maintain the association", according to the still-signatory. Especially since 27 of the 29 members also only have passive status. "Only two are still breeding, and one of them is over 80 and the other is heading straight for 70."

Only 30 to 40 animals were brought together for the once annual show. "This was usually our highlight of the year with several hundred animals", so meubgeier. 2015 at the – as is now clear – last show of the club, it was at least 86.

The first club that the ravages of time have not only gnawed away, but swallowed whole, is not the kupser geflugelzuchter, however. Also the small animal breeding association mitwitz is no longer to be found in the association register. "And the schmolzers are now cooperating with schneckenlohe", female meubgeier.

Double load became too much

The same fate as in kups had actually also befallen the kloppelschulforderverein in nordhalben. That was the agenda at the last annual general meeting, after no one was found for the second time to take over the presidency of the 90-plus-member club. "But then, completely surprisingly for all of us, someone agreed to take over", says, says a relieved beate agten.

When the clubbing becomes three-dimensional

She has held the post for the past ten years, but no longer wanted to carry the double burden of also managing the kloppelmuseum. Now on 22. May a new board will be elected. All is well again? Not really. "Like most clubs, we have the problem that we are aging out", says agten. "The rough part of us is 70 auarts."

There is no shortage of new blood, but the children often lack the time due to their schooling. But now new ways had to be found, agten demands and is self-critical: "we may have made the mistake of not explicitly recruiting the children from the club, because they learned how to bowl free of charge in the club school." And how do they feel about the future after having secured their existence for the next few years?? "Steamed optimistic", says agten.


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