“Treasures” of the erzgebirge mountains

Lichtenfels- the stork rider brings the babies. Not the rattling stork. At least in saxony, as one could learn on sunday afternoon from wolfgang enzmann. He has two figures of the stork rider on display in his showcases in the town museum, both made of wood, both very filigree handcrafted.

"Smokerman, nutcracker and co." Is the exhibition, which was opened by the second mayor sabine riebner. And behind the "co." There are real treasures hidden away: among other things, a collapsible light house from the 1950s, music boxes, a four-story christmas pyramid one meter high, miniatures in a matchbox (in a normal matchbox, mind you) and a red wooden advent wreath from 1935 – his mother saved it from the chopping block at the last minute, says wolfgang enzmann. In fact, he has bought only a third of his extensive collection himself. Wittenbauer, who was born in chemnitz and has lived in lichtenfels for 34 years, inherited most of the exhibits from his grandmother and his mother. "Anyone can buy", says the 67-year-old, who was pleasantly surprised by the number of visitors: "you take me by surprise."

For six decades he has been collecting and presenting the beautiful carvings and woodturnings in his living room. This is more than 70 square meters rough, and as long as she doesn’t have to help move it back and forth, he can also count on the support of his wife martina, he smiles.

Until 6. January to see

His exhibition pieces he shows now for the first time in public. Originally he wanted to enrich the christmas market with it, but that had fallen through. Christine wittenbauer’s offer to hold the exhibition in the city museum instead came at just the right time. Now there are smoking men – all of which are functional despite their age – nutcrackers and co. Fine neatly set up and exhibited in nine showcases and still waiting until 6. January to many visitors.


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