Trump denies “shithole” remark about lander

Trump denies 'shithole' remark about lander

U.S. President donald trump is said to have called certain countries "shithole states," reports of which triggered international uproar. Trump, however, denied having expressed himself in this way.

His language was harsh, but he didn’t sound that way, he explained. According to the "washington post" and other US media, trump is said to have asked at a meeting with senators on thursday why the USA had to take in so many people from "shithole states". It was about the residence status of people from haiti, el salvador and african states. A spokesman for weiben haus did not initially deny the reports.

Trump, on the other hand, wrote on twitter this morning, "the language I used at the daca meeting was harsh, but that was not the language that was used."A little later he explained that he never said anything derogatory about haitians, but that haiti is a "very poor and troubled country".

This was contradicted by democratic senator dick durbin, who attended the conversation in question. "I haven’t read a single word that hasn’t fallen," he said on friday. President trump has chosen "hateful, vile and racist words," the senator said. He could not remember a president of the united states ever using such language.

The meeting with senators from both parties revolved around a compromise on immigration policy, which includes a solution for the so-called daca program. This gives temporary protected status to hundreds of thousands of young migrants. Trump had decided at the beginning of september last year to end the initiative launched by his predecessor barack obama. However, he allowed a period of six months for this to happen. He called on congress to find a new regulation in this period.

Three republican and three democratic senators presented a compromise proposal on thursday. In addition to an agreement on daca, he also foresees funds for border protection as well as a new regulation of the visa lottery and family reunification of migrants.

Republican lindsey graham and democrat durbin presented the bill to trump and a number of very conservative republicans on thursday. According to the washington post and the new york times, the president became irate when graham and durbin outlined their proposal on the visa lottery. According to the report, 50.000 visas issued annually through the program to people who were previously covered by a protection program abbreviated TPS. This had given refugees from haiti and el salvador as well as other countries a temporary residence status. Trump’s administration loves to phase it out. This means that hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom have been living in the USA for many years, have to return to their home countries.

When the discussion between trump and the senators turned to migrants from african countries, trump’s disparaging remarks were said to have been made. According to the "washington post," he asked, "why are we having all these people come here from shithole states?". Instead, the president suggested accepting more people from countries such as norway, the newspaper added. He had met the day before with the norwegian prime minister erna solberg. Newspapers based their reports on unspecified people who had been briefed about the meeting.

The comments, which were widely reported, triggered a wave of outrage in the U.S. And around the world. Sharp criticism came from africa. "It is particularly surprising because the u.S. Is still a global example of how migration has created a nation based on strong values of diversity and opportunity," said ebba kalondo, a spokeswoman for the head of the african union (AU) commission. The commission is "troubled".

Botswana government summons u.S. Ambassador to the country. The U.S. Government is being asked whether it considers botswana a "shithole state," according to a statement from the ministry. The sud african ruling party ANC, wrote on twitter that it was "insulting" to make such derogatory comments.

Some also took it with humor: "good morning from the best "shithole country"" the world!!!", tweeted a presenter of the sudafrican TV station SABC, leanne manas.

El salvador’s deputy minister hugo martinez called on the u.S. Government to take a stand on the reports. The UN human rights office also expressed concern. "If true, these are shocking and shameful remarks by the u.S. President," said rupert colville, spokesman for the u.N. High commissioner for human rights, in geneva. "You can’t call whole countries and continents shitholes whose inhabitants, all of whom are not female, are therefore unwelcome."

Criticism also came from the ranks of trump’s republicans. Conservative congresswoman mia love, daughter of haitian immigrants, called the quote "divisive" and a blow to the country’s values in a tweet on thursday (local time). She called on trump to apologize to the american people and the affected countries.

Republican senator orrin hatch of utah said he wanted a detailed explanation of the cleanup. On twitter, he wrote that immigrants – from whatever country – make the U.S. "Special". Democratic senator richard blumenthal called trump’s words on twitter "blatant racism" and a "shameless betrayal of american values".


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