Up to one billion euros missing at the capital’s airport ber

up to one billion euros missing at the capital's airport ber

According to a report in "bild am sonntag," up to one billion euros are missing for the expansion and commissioning of berlin’s new capital airport BER. A corresponding financial requirement based on an initial estimate was communicated by the BER management to the supervisory board before christmas.

An airport spokesman would not comment on the report over the weekend. In response to a question from the deutsche presse-agentur, he referred only to a meeting of the supervisory board in march, at which a decision on the financing would be made.

The shareholders also referred to the meeting of the supervisory board in a few weeks: "we expect that by the next supervisory board meeting in march, both the financial requirements will have been solidly determined and a reliable financial plan will have been drawn up," berlin senate spokeswoman claudia sunder told dpa on sunday.

In addition to berlin, the state of brandenburg and the federal government are also among the shareholders. While a spokeswoman for the federal ministry of transport did not comment on the report, brandenburg’s finance minister christian gorke (left) said in response to a question: "the only thing that seems to work at the FBB (berlin brandenburg airport company) is the constant creation of new requirements. And this apparently without having enough money of its own."It is now the hour of management and not of the state and the taxpayer.

As early as december, airport boss engelbert lutke daldrup had announced that additional money would be needed for the project as a result of the further delay in the opening of the airport. The supervisory board will discuss in march how the completion can be financed. At the time, lutke daldrup said that the company wanted to "use all possibilities for self-financing and external financing.

According to the report in the newspaper "bild am sonntag", the costs of operating the construction site and the loss of revenue alone amount to around 25 million euros per month, or around 750 million euros until the planned opening in october 2020. In addition, according to "bams," the airport needs millions more for new contracts to complete and accelerate its expansion.

The company could raise a maximum of 400 million euros through loans alone, the newspaper reports, citing shareholder circles. How the remaining requirements are to be financed is a matter of disagreement between the shareholders, the federal government, berlin and brandenburg, according to the report.

Costs have risen from 2 to 6.5 billion euros since construction began in 2006. According to earlier statements, BER was fully financed until 2018. After five years of construction, the airport was supposed to go into operation in 2011. Since then, however, all opening dates have been overturned because planning errors, construction defects and technical problems have to be worked through. Especially the fire protection in the main terminal causes difficulties.

Tegel airport has borne the brunt of berlin’s air traffic up to now. He is to stay after BER goes into operation.


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