When meticulous meets wild

When meticulous meets wild

Katharina muller-sanke the friends of the schlosstheater thurnau can look forward to a varied program this spring. The new season begins with a play that is sure to hit the nerve and humor that visitors to the old thurnau town hall are accustomed to. At the same time, this time it is not a french comedy, but a piece from the english-speaking world.

The american gene stone is especially known for his work on radio shows and tv series. But his great love was the theater. "Stay for breakfast created together with ray cooney, one of the most successful british comedy writers, who has gained fame for his farces that go beyond the absurd.

Exciting dialogues

"Stay for breakfast" is about the fact that even opposites sometimes resemble each other quite a bit. About the plot: georg clark is a real model civil servant. He is correct, meticulous, punctual and extremely careful. His neighbors are quite different: in the shared apartment above his apartment, things are wild, free and, above all, noisy.

Georg’s life is turned upside down when his neighbor louise – heavily pregnant and rather out of it – throws herself over with her flatmate and stumbles into his life. The play lives from exciting dialogues and from the question, how much chaos is good for you.

Actress heinriette heine can be seen for the first time on the schlosstheter stage. Janos kapitany has already participated in past productions. Directed by wolfgang krebs. Premiere is on 18. January.

In the next few months there will also be a multivision lecture by kay maeritz and angelique verdel about portugal and madeira at the schlosstheater thurnau. On 8. Marz celebrates the one-woman piece "women’s quota premiere. It is written by the author and actress petra wintersteller, who is already well known and popular at the schlosstheater thurnau.

In spring, the tragicomedy "india" is also performed performed. All dates and further information also online at schlosstheater-thurnau.


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