When the bell rings, time is up

When the bell rings, time is up

Alice grimm proudly presents the golden bell. She wants to make it clear that when the bell rings, the speaker has to be quiet. Then it's time for the finale. The four finalists of the "jugend debattiert" competition, eva-maria brehm (9b), mila wagener (9b), david kleineisel (9e) and michael rub (9e), discussing the topic "central final exams should be introduced in all subjects?".

Eva-maria brehm starts her opening speech with a story about her sister, who noticed the differences between bavarian and northern german educational qualifications when she was studying for her degree.

On friday, eva, together with michael, represented the pro-side in the debate, and the other two, david and mila, the contra-side. The finalists were judged by a jury made up of two students, sandra baumann and nina rotmeier, and two teachers, susanne klein and christine tichi.

Four important criteria

*Important criteria for judging were knowledge of the subject, expressiveness, fluency and persuasiveness. The four students put this into practice and impressed with their confident performance, clear language and good knowledge of the subject.

The winners of yesterday's competition qualified for the regional competition on 28th. February in neustadt. All of the ninth grades at hochstadter gymnasium were represented in the competition, but only four participants were able to make it through to the finals. The competition was subject to strict rules.

Strict rules

The participants had two minutes to give their opening speech, followed by twelve minutes for free discussion and then one minute each for the closing speech. All four of them mastered these challenges with aplomb and expressed their point of view in their own individual way.

The "pilot project was set up by the supervisors of the german department, alice grimm and susanne klein. It is the first, but certainly not the last year of participation. During the jury's deliberations, alice grimm suffered excitedly with her pupils. "Teachers are also very interested in this project", she says. It is important to her to challenge the schoolchildren. Especially in the area of their own work through research and language skills, which this competition brings with it.

Internally, there are plans to introduce such a debate as an oral school assignment.

The aim is to challenge middle school students more in the area of education and to expand their rhetoric and knowledge of facts. In addition, it is possible to motivate schools and, above all, to activate the more reticent young people.

Not only the winners of the finals, but all participants in the school competition received a certificate afterwards. In total, three different debates took place on friday. The winners, mila and david, received a certificate and a book package.

Mila said after the award ceremony that she had a lot of fun and also learned a lot from participating in "jugend debattiert" can take away. She has learned to express herself better and to argue well.
The only problem for them was the research of the various topics, as they only had ten days to prepare comprehensively. Mila will definitely take part in this school competition again and is already looking forward to the next step, the regional competition.


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