Working group supports young women in choosing a career

Working group supports young women in choosing a career

"At a certain age, girls no longer discuss everything with their parents", says ina sinterhauf. It might be good to have a woman to talk to who can give unbiased advice outside the family circle. Ina sinterh has been doing this for years with pleasure. She is a mentor of the project "step by step", which has been in existence since 2007 and was founded by the working group "girls and young women" was brought to life. It’s about guiding the mentees in their career choice and medium-term life planning. "At the beginning it is not easy to get into conversation. The girls are used to adults telling them what to do and then reacting to it. But they should learn to develop their own ideas and express their own wishes."

That’s why she doesn’t see herself as an entertainer, says ina sinterhauf, but she signals to the mentees: i’m here for you. She had already ministered to grammar school students and a student from the business school. To explain: mentees are girls who are about to graduate from school and begin their studies or vocational training. On the "step by step" project are equally involved in high school, middle school and high school students. Teachers are involved in the selection process. They choose the girls who are eligible or open to it. "But girls and young women have also reported themselves", tells susanne muller, the city’s equal opportunities officer and a member of the organizing team.

Tandems engage you socially

19 tandems started their work yesterday with the kick-off event. It now runs throughout the entire school year. "For the first time, there will be meetings at the individual school types", says susanne muller. "Then the women can also learn something about where their mentees are learning." Another new aspect is that the tandems have to form groups and work on a social project. There will be an additional meeting to prepare for it. "We want the girls to work together on a project and to finish it. This challenges the team behavior", explains susanne muller. In addition, the mentees are to be made aware of their strengths and how they can best make their contribution.

Ina sinterhauf thinks it’s a good idea. For her, it is important that the girls learn to think and act independently. "I arrange the meetings according to your wishes." That doesn’t mean she can’t contribute her own ideas as a mentor. "I go with them to the career information center or offer them a trial study at the university if they have no idea what they want to study or what training they want to do." And you have already presented your job at the university – a good example of how professional biographies can change. Ina sinterhauf studied architecture. "I always wanted to do that." But during her studies she had to realize that this profession is probably not the right one after all. "I then wrote about architecture, but you can’t make a living from that." When the management of the "project:ING – experiencing technology together" at the coburg university of applied sciences when the job was advertised, she jumped at the chance. There she organizes today among other things "girls and technology" (MUT.). And that’s also where she gained her first experience as a mentor. "A lot of good things happened to me. I would like to give something back."

When the mentees then go off on their own, the contact is usually over again. "A friendship doesn’t develop directly, the age difference is too big for that." Only once did a madel get in touch with her. "She told me that she is studying what we found for her together."


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